OPR Staff and Fan Fantasy Results for NSCS at Daytona International Speedway

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Rain shortened practice and qualifying while postponing the race from Saturday night till Sunday. Quite frankly, rain played havoc all weekend long at Daytona International Speedway and that trend continued on Sunday afternoon as the race have a half-hour delay at lap nine for rain, before being called with 109 of 160 laps complete due to heavy rain.

At the time of the caution, Aric Almirola had put the No. 43 United States Air Force Ford out front of the field and would pick up the victory with the race being official due to being past halfway.

With a pair of big wrecks, there is no telling how good or bad each person’s picks will be as it’s simply the luck of the draw.


The Picks

Ashley McCubbin picked Kevin Harvick, Jeff Gordon and Jimmie Johnson. Each of these drivers found themselves in a wreck, with Harvick finishing 39th, Gordon finishing 12th and Johnson finishing 42nd. Points: 5+33+2=40

Tayler Stiles picked Matt Kenseth, Jeff Gordon and Jimmie Johnson. Kenseth finished 20th after getting involved in a wreck. Points: 25+33+2=70

Kreistina Blinova picked Jeff Gordon, Jimmie Johnson, Dale Earnhardt Jr. Earnhardt Jr. fought back to finish 14th after being involved in the first wreck. Points: 33+2+30=65

Ronald Costigan picked Kyle Busch, Jimmie Johnson, Dale Earnhardt Jr. Busch finished 28th after flipping over on his roof. Points: 16+2+30=48

Marshall Gabell picked Brad Keselowski, Matt Kenseth and Brian Vickers. Keselowski finished 18th after catching a piece of the first wreck, while Vickers finished second. Points: 26+25+42=93

Justin Tucker picked Brad Keselowski, Jimmie Johnson and Dale Earnhardt Jr. Points: 26+2+30=58

Kyle Magda picked Denny Hamlin, Tony Stewart and Dale Earnhardt Jr. Hamlin finished sixth while Stewart wrecked and finished 40th. Points: 38+5+30=73

Terry Wagner picked Kevin Harvick, Joey Logano and Carl Edwards. Logano finished 17th as he got a piece of a wreck, while Edwards wrecked his way to 37th. Points: 5+27+7=39

Christina Cordner picked  Jamie McMurray, Jimmie Johnson and Dale Earnhardt Jr. McMurray caught a little bit of air on his way to finishing 30th. Points: 15+2+30=47

Billy Stiles Jr. picked Kevin Harvick, Jimmie Johnson and Dale Earnhardt Jr. Points: 5+2+30=37

Billy Zardo picked Kyle Busch, Jimmie Johnson and Dale Earnhardt Jr. Points: 16+2+30=48

Robert Hill picked Casey Mears, Trevor Bayne and Dale Earnhardt Jr. Mears finished fourth with Bayne finishing 38th after getting in the first wreck. Points: 41+6+30=77

Joni Stiles picked Kasey Kahne, Kurt Busch and Martin Truex Jr. Kahne finished 27th after being part of the start of the second wreck, Kurt Busch finished third while Truex finished 15th after catching a piece of a wreck. Points: 17+43+29=89

Tyler Sontag picked Marcos Ambrose, Kyle Busch and Jeff Gordon. Ambrose finished 10th. Points: 34+16+33=83

Jeni Harris picked Denny Hamlin, Matt Kenseth and Dale Earnhardt Jr. Points: 38+25+30=93


Daytona Results

  1. Marshall Gabell and Jeni Harris – 93
  2. Joni Stiles – 89
  3. Tyler Sontag – 83
  4. Robert Hill – 77
  5. Kyle Magda – 73
  6. Tayler Stiles – 70
  7. Kreistina Blinova – 65
  8. Justin Tucker – 58
  9. Ronald Costigan and Billy Zardo – 48
  10. Christina Cordner – 47
  11. Ashley McCubbin – 40
  12. Terry Wagner – 39
  13. Billy Stiles Jr. – 37


Sprint Cup Series Standings

  1. (Points Leader Post Pocono) Kreistina Blinova – 483+65=548
  2. Kyle Magda – 450+73=523
  3. Ronald Costigan – 471+48=519
  4. Marshall Gabell – 405+93=498
  5. Justin Tucker – 440+58=498
  6. Billy Stiles Jr. – 459+37=496
  7. Robert Hill – 410+77=487
  8. Tayler Stiles – 410+70=480
  9. Tyler Sontag – 397+83=480
  10. Ashley McCubbin – 439+40=479
  11. Joni Stiles – 350+89=439
  12. Terry Wagner – 391+39=430
  13. Christina Cordner – 379+47=426
  14. Billy Zardo – 356+48=404
  15. Jeni Harris – 273+93=366

Combined Points

  1. Kyle Magda – 1022+105+73=1200
  2. (Points Leader Post NCWTS Kentucky) Ronald Costigan – 1046+91+48=1185
  3. Justin Tucker – 1025+96+58=1179
  4. Ashley McCubbin – 1007+119+40=1166
  5. Billy Stiles Jr. – 996+116+37=1149
  6. Marshall Gabell – 949+83+93=1125
  7. Tyler Sontag – 945+91+83=1119
  8. Tayler Stiles – 936+93+70=1099
  9. Robert Hill – 915+106+77=1098
  10. Joni Stiles – 894+89+89=1072
  11. Kreistina Blinova – 955+45+65=1065
  12. Terry Wagner – 936+87+39=1062
  13. Christina Cordner –  935+79+47=1061
  14. Jeni Harris – 826+105+93=1024
  15. Billy Zardo – 854+70+48=972
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