Lap by Lap: Lucas Oil 150 won by Erik Jones

Photo Credit: Johnathan Ferrey/Getty Images for NASCAR

17-year-old Erik Jones would become the youngest NASCAR Camping World Truck Series winner when he took the checkered flag in the Lucas Oil 150 at Phoenix International Raceway.


Lap 1 Chastain takes the early lead ahead of Gaughan and Jones as caution flies for D.J. Kennington getting into the wall; Newberry gets damage

Restart lap 6. Chastain pulls ahead of Gaughan off turn one

Lap 7 Gaughan and Jones side-by-side for second behind Chastain

Lap 8 Buescher makes it three-wide, Jones backs off. Gaughan stays second ahead of Buescher and Jones

Lap 10 Chastain leads Gaughan Buescher Jones Sauter Gale Crafton Gresham Sieg Dillon

Lap 23 Buescher by Gaughan for second; Dillon by Sieg for position

Lap 24 Chastain leads Buescher Gaughan Jones Sauter Gale Crafton Dillon Gresham Sieg

Lap 35 Caution Miguel Paludo into the outside wall with flat right front tire. Steve Wallace also has a flat left front tire. Leaders head down pit road. Gaughan leads Jones Gale Dillon Chastain off pit road. Some take two tires; some take four tires.

Restart lap 41 as Guaghan and Jones battle for the lead as the caution flies for Elliott spinning around off of turn one after contact from Gresham. Jones has lead as the caution flies.

Restart lap 46 Jones clears Gaughan off of turn two ahead of Dillon and Gale

Lap 48 Dillon takes second from Gaughan

Lap 50 Jones leads Dillon Gaughan Gale Chastain Crafton Coulter Burton Blaney Wallace

Lap 64 Jones leads Dillon Gaughan Chastain Gale Crafton Coulter Burton Blaney Wallace

Lap 80 Jones leads Dillon Gaughan Chastain Gale Crafton Coulter Burton Blaney Wallace

Caution lap 85 Ron Hornaday has a flat tire and hits the wall. Chastain leads Jones Dillon Peters off of pit road.

Restart 57 to go Jones takes the lead off of turn two from Chastain

56 to go Jones leads Chastain Dillon Gaughan Peters Wallace Coulter Crafton Burton and Blaney. Back half of the top 10 are running two, three-wide

53 to go Gale passes Blaney for 10th

Caution 40 to go Coulter with mechanical issues

Restart 31 to go Chastain takes the lead off of turn two as Townley gets into the wall for the caution.

Restart 23 to go Chastain clears Jones for the lead in turn one. Dillon and Jones side-by-side for second off turn four.

22 to go Jones clears Dillon off of turn four

21 to go Chastain leads Jones, Dillon, Gaughan, Wallace, Crafton, Blaney, Peters, Gale and Buescher. Nemechek spins – no caution – Nemechek gets it going and the field stays green

20 to go Crafton passes Wallace for fifth

19 to go Blaney passes Wallace for sixth. Peters went to follow Blaney through, though Wallace and Peters make contact, resulting in both spinning and a caution

Restart 10 to go Chastain and Jones side-by-side at the finish line. Chastain clears Jones BARELY inturn three.

9 to go Jones passes Chastain throughout the dog leg

7 to go Jones leads Chastain Gaughan Dillon Crafton Gale Blaney Sauter Buescher Elliott

Erik Jones wins! Chastian. Gaughan. Dillon. Crafton. Gale. Blaney. Sauter. Buescher. Elliott.

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