Outlaw Modifieds release 2014 schedule

Photo Credit: Outlaw Modifieds

Kelly Houghton and team at the Outlaw Modifieds released their 2014 schedule today for fans who are looking to check out the action.


Sat May 17th Sunset Speedway       @ 6

Sat May 31st Varney Speedway       @ 7


Sat Jun 14th Sunset Speedway       @ 6:30

Sat Jun 21st  Sunset Speedway       @ 6:30

Sat Jun 28th Varney Speedway       @ 7


Sat Jul 5th    Sunset Speedway       @ 6:30

Sat Jul 19th   Sunset Speedway       @ 6:30

Fri  Jul 25th   Delaware Speedway @ 7


Sat Aug 2nd  Sunset Speedway       @ 6:30

Sun Aug 3rd  Sunset Speedway       @ 6:30

Sat Aug 9th   Sunset Speedway       @ 6:30

Sat Aug 16th Varney Speedway       @ 7

Sat Aug 30th Sunset Speedway       @ 6:30


Sat Sept 13th       Varney Speedway       @ 5


“We are also planning an event featuring drivers from the past, who will step into our cars for one big race,” Kelly Houghton added. “The date of this event will be posted soon, along with all the festivities for the day, on our Facebook site: Outlaw Modified Canada and on Outlaw Modified.ca. Some of these drivers have not sat in the drivers seat for many years, so come out and enjoy the race, food and music of the day!!”

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