OPR Staff and Fan Fantasy Results for NCWTS at Kansas Speedway

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Yellow fever seemed present at Kansas Speedway on Friday night as the caution flew multiple times throughout the 168 lap event and bit some drivers in the rear-end due to poor finishes. In the end, it was Kyle Busch that took home the victory as he dominated, leading 141 of the laps.

So which of the fantasy pickers chose drivers that could avoid the yellow flags and run well? Here we go!

The Picks

Ashley McCubbin chose Kyle Busch and Matt Crafton. Crafton finished second after contending for the win throughout the night. Points: 48+42=90

Marshall Gabell chose Timothy Peters and Kyle Busch. Peters finished 14th after getting involved in a wreck on the first lap when Hornaday slid up the track. Points: 30+48=78

Tayler Stiles chose Timothy Peters and Kyle Busch. Points: 30+48=78

Kreistina Blinova chose Ron Hornaday Jr. and Matt Crafton. Hornaday Jr. finished eighth despite being involved in a pair of events. Points: 36+42=78

Ronald Costigan chose Kyle Busch and Matt Crafton. Points: 48+42=90

Kyle Magda chose Matt Crafton and Joey Logano. Logano finished third despite going down a lap with 45 laps to go due to a green flag pit stop. Points: 42+42=84

Justin Tucker chose Kyle Busch and Matt Crafton. Points: 48+42=90 

Terry Wagner chose Matt Crafton and Johnny Sauter. Sauter finished 21st after getting involved in an incident with Ryan Blaney and Tyler Young. Points: 42+23=65

Christina Cordner chose Ryan Blaney and Matt Crafton. Blaney finished 22nd after getting loose and spinning while racing his teammate for the lead. Points: 23+42=65

Billy Stiles Jr. chose Ron Hornaday and Ben Kennedy. Kennedy finished 20th after being involved in a couple incidents throughout the night, which all kicked off with a wreck during qualifying. Points: 36+24=60

Robert Hill chose Jeb Burton and Kyle Busch. Burton finished sixth after running inside the top 10 throughout the whole race. Points: 38+48=86

Joni Stiles chose Kyle Busch and Ron Hornaday. Points: 48+36=84


Kansas Speedway Results/NASCAR Camping World Truck Series Current Point Standings

  1. Ashley McCubbin, Justin Tucker and Ronald Costigan – 90
  2. Robert Hill – 86
  3. Kyle Magda and Joni Stiles – 84
  4. Marshall Gabell, Kreistina Blinova and Tayler Stiles – 78
  5. Christina Cordner and Terry Wagner – 65
  6. Billy Stiles Jr – 60
Name Races Participated Wins Top Fives Top 10s
Ashley McCubbin 1 1 2 2
Marshall Gabell 1 1 1 1
Tayler Stiles 1 1 1 1
Kreistina Blinova 1 1 1 2
Ronald Costigan 1 1 2 2
Justin Tucker 1 1 2 2
Kyle Magda 1 1 2 2
Terry Wagner 1 0 1 1
Christina Cordner 1 0 1 1
Billy Stiles Jr. 1 0 0 1
Robert Hill 1 1 1 2
Joni Stiles 1 1 1 2



Note: Those who missed the first four weeks received an automatic value that is 10 points minus the lowest scored participant.

  1. Ashley McCubbin – 859+90=949
  2. Ronald Costigan – 800+90=890
  3. Tayler Stiles – 791+78=869
  4. Billy Stiles Jr. – 791+60=851
  5. Robert Hill – 763+86=849
  6. Terry Wagner – 768+65=833
  7. Billy Zardo – 769+60=829
  8. Justin Tucker – 713+90=803
  9. Marshall Gabell – 721+78=799
  10. Christina Cordner – 726+65=791
  11. Kreistina Blinova – 698+78=776
  12. Kyle Magda and Joni Stiles – 688+84=772
Name Race Participated Wins Top 5 Top 10
Marshall Gabell 9 1 8 15
Tayler Stiles 9 4 12 15
Ashley McCubbin 9 5 16 20
Ronald Costigan 7 4 11 13
Terry Wagner 7 1 8 13
Christina Cordner 7 0 7 9
Billy Zardo 6 2 8 10
Billy Stiles Jr. 7 1 7 13
Justin Tucker 5 1 6 7
Kriestina Blinova 3 0 2 3
Robert Hill 3 1 3 7
Kyle Magda 1 0 2 2
Joni Stiles 1 1 1 2



Marshall Gabell has submitted his Sprint Cup Series picks and they are Clint Bowyer, Jimmie Johnson and Matt Kenseth. 

Kyle Magda has submitted his picks also and they are Matt Kenseth, Kevin Harvick and Jeff Gordon.


PICKERS: Due to the odd start this year with people joining at different times, we will declare a CHAMPION at the end of May – basically titled the OnPitRoad.com Spring Fantasy Pick ‘Em Champion for each section and then reset the points to give everybody a clean slate to get after it.

Rules for Sprint Cup Series @ Kansas

PICKERS are asked to choose three drivers for the Sprint Cup Series. If you want to play, send picks to ashleymccubbin@speedwaymedia.com.

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