NWES: Knauf Racing Team Looking For A Young Talent

Photo Credit: NASCAR Whelen Euro Series / Stephane Azemard

The Team Will Expand To Two Cars, One ELITE 2 Seat Will Go To A Young Debutant

After a spectacular first season in the NASCAR Whelen Euro Series, Knauf Racing Team, led by its General Manager Denis Kleiber, will double its effort in 2016 by fielding a second Ford Mustang in the European NASCAR championship. In a unique initiative to promote new upcoming talents alongside the company, the team launched the “Volant Knauf”, a selection program that will reward a young driver aged between 16 and 19 with a complete ELITE 2 season alongside Thomas Ferrando and Wilfried Boucenna.

“We decided to increase our presence by fielding two cars. One for Thomas Ferrando – who will race both in ELITE 1 and ELITE 2 Division – and the other for Wilfried Boucenna in ELITE 1 and a young talent selected through the Volant Knauf. The winner will become an official Knauf driver and will be offered a complete NWES season in 2016,” said Olivier Bâcle, KNAUF Marketing Director.

The selection is open to young drivers aged between 16 and 19 who didn’t finish in the top-3 in any FIA or FFSA series and will be eligible to obtain an FIA International C License before April 1, 2016. The selection process will include both the analysis of the candidates’ sporting resumes and an on-track evaluation, but the winner will primarily carry the human values Knauf promotes: Menschlichkeit (humanity, loyalty), Partnership, Dedizione, Spirito d’Iniziativa.

The prize includes all the six 2016 NASCAR Whelen Euro Series events, car, tires, racing suit, technical support, entry fees and accommodations.

A vastly successful debut season for the Knauf Racing Team is at the base of the company’s decision to expand the team and its presence in the NASCAR Whelen Euro Series.

“Our first season was a very good experience for Knauf. Thomas and Wilfried lived up to all our ambitions and expectations. We took more than 80 customers and more than 150 collaborators during the season and the results were unanimously positive. The atmosphere in the paddock and on the track is fantastic as is the availability of teams and drivers and we are confident that 2016 will see the NASCAR Whelen Euro Series grow even more popular all around Europe,” continued Olivier Bâcle.

“We must salute this great opportunity Knauf is offering to young drivers. It is really unique in today’s motorsports and perfectly fit to the Series willing to develop young drivers to bring them to the highest levels of NASCAR! We are very proud of the confidence Knauf is placing in the NASCAR Whelen Euro Series,” said Jerome Galpin, NASCAR Whelen Euro Series President / CEO.

Drivers willing to enter the “Volant Knauf” selection, must send their resumes to volantknauf@knauf.fr and more details, including the complete rulebook can be asked at the same email address.

Credits: NASCAR Whelen Euro Series / Stephane Azemard