ARCA: Statement From Hamilton-Hughes Racing

At this time Hamilton-Hughes Racing (HHR) has cut ties with Kevin Rutherford for breaching his contract with the team.

Kevin had tested Daytona on Jan. 16, and was approved to race in the Lucas Oil 200 for HHR, as well as the full 20 race slate for the 2016 season. The car Kevin was supposed to drive is still sitting in the shop, ready to head to the track. As of Monday, HHR and Kevin Rutherford Racing could not come to an agreement on terms for the upcoming season, and Kevin had breached his contract he had originally signed for HHR, one in which he and his Lawyers had drawn up. HHR will be taking legal action of this matter.

— As for other drivers leaving, Scott Edwards could not reach an agreement for Daytona, but is still in talks for races later in the 2016 season.

— Kevin Hinkle was also in talks with HHR, but could not come to an agreement for Daytona. He is also still in talks with the team for races later in the season.