Photo Credit: Mike Keiers

HOLLAND, New York (June 25, 2016) – East Concord, NY’s Zach Myers was victorious in the main event of the Getzoni Nationwide Insurance Agency NASCAR Pro Chargers on Kwik Fill Night at Holland International Speedway on a sun-sational Saturday evening.

Jody Bound from Uxbridge, Ontario claimed the victory in the inaugural visit by the Canadian Outlaw Midgets presented by Country 89. Ben Russo from Lancaster, NY won the Bank of Holland Hornet feature event. Dave Wollaber from North Tonawanda, NY picked up his second win at Holland in the NYPA TQ Midgets. Carl Vilardo IV from Westfield, NY picked up the win in the Advance Auto Parts INEX Legends. James Steins from South Wales, NY picked up his second consecutive M&M U Pull-It Figure 8 main event. Dale Lombardo was victorious in the Rookie 4’s.“It was a rough one for sure but the car was fast and it was hooked up tonight” stated Myers in victory lane. The Getzoni Agency NASCAR Pro Chargers were brought to the green by Jim Mallaber and Chris Handley and it was Mallaber showing the way. Handley, Max Northem and Josh Hathaway made contact to bring out the caution on lap one. The restart saw Mallaber and Matt Fleming on the front row and it was Mallaber showing the way with Rich Carnes moving into second place. Tom Northem pulled into the pits on lap one after having brake issues. Mallaber pulled away on the restart as Zach Myers battled Nik Welshans for second. Myers would take the lead away from Mallaber on lap 10. Myers pulled away from Mallaber throughout the event and went on to score the win for his second on the season.

“Holland is a fun race track with tons of room to race and the car was fast tonight” stated race winner Jody Bound. Wayne Mckibbon and Nigel Buttivant shared the front row for the Canadian Outlaw Midgets presented by Country 89 and it was Buttivant showing the way early on. Jessica James ran in second while Jody Bound, the Series champion from 2015 ran in the top five early on as well. Jessica James took over the lead on lap three. Bound continued his fast pace as he was up to second on lap five. Paul Draganac and Rob McCall hit the front straightaway wall hard to bring out the red flag on lap five. Jessica James, Robin McLean and Nigel Buttivant were also involved. Draganac climbed out of his car under his own power and went into the Holland Ambulance as a safety precaution. Jody Bound continued to show the way off the lap five restart. Bound dominated the event, picking up the victory. Dave Bradley finished in second and was followed to the line by Steve Lassman, Adam Carrothers and Wayne Mckibbon. Bound was also victorious in the Outlaw Midgets Dash. The Canadian Outlaw Midgets will return to the highbanks on Saturday July 23.

Kenny Hejna and Craig Orr shared the front row for the Bank of Holland Hornet feature and it was Orr taking the lead on the opening circuit. Ben Russo was on the move early as he took over second on lap six. Orr continued to show the way at the halfway point. Adam Killingbeck came to a stop in turn two on lap 21 to bring out the caution. Orr and Russo brought the field back to the green flag with Orr keeping his race lead. Orr would cross the line first but was found to be illegal in post race tech, giving the win to Ben Russo. Josh Hill finished in second and was followed to the line by Bob Bogner and George Anthony.

Charlie DiRosa and Kyle Hutchinson were on the front row for the NYPA TQ Midget feature event and it was Hutchinson taking the lead on the outside groove to lead the opening circuit as Vinnie Christiano Jr moved into second with Shawn Nye, DiRosa and Dave Wollaber working in the top five early on. Erik Musto spun in turn two to bring out the races first caution with three laps completed. On the restart, Shawn Nye looked underneath Hutchinson, but Hutchinson would keep the lead as Dave Wollaber moved into third position. The lead trio pulled away from Vinnie Christiano Jr and Chad Heywood on lap seven, just as Wollaber passed Nye to take over second. Off a lap eight restart, Hutchinson and Wollaber continued their battle for the lead as Hutchinson and Wollaber both posted a lap time of 14.7seconds around the highbanks. Wollaber would take the lead on lap 14, passing Hutchinson on the front straightaway. The caution would fly once again as Andrew Patton spun in turn three on lap 14, after Wollaber took the lead. The six lap shootout saw Hutchinson look underneath Wollaber for the lead but Wollaber was able to lead by a car length at the line on lap 15. Hutchinson would continue to throw his challenges on Wollaber but the leader answered the call and was able to work his way back to victory lane for the second time in 2016. Hutchinson, Shawn Nye, Andrew Nye and Vinnie Christiano Jr completed the top five.

Mick Peterson and Bryce Norton brought the Advance Auto Parts INEX Legends to the green flag with Norton showing the way. Brandon DeBrakeleer took over second on lap three. Carl Vilardo worked his way into second after passing DeBrakeleer on lap eight. Vilardo caught Norton and passed him on the final lap to get the win as Norton got together with a lap car on the final circuit.

James Steins led all 12 laps to score his second win on the season in the M&M U Pull-It Figure 8 division. Steins was able to hold off Sharon Hughes and opening night’s feature winner Don Haskell to pick up the popular win.

Scott Chaplin took off into the early lead in the Rookie 4 feature event. Chaplin maintained his lead but held off the battle with Dale Lombardo, Anton Anderson III and Darryl Phillips for much of the 12 lap feature event. Dale Lombardo took the lead as the white flag fell and held off Chaplin to pick up the win.

NEWS AND NOTES: Country music duo Jordan & Vicky performed pre-race and also during intermission. Jordan Rose, who is the main vocals for Jordan & Vicky, performed the National Anthem prior to the feature racing as well as performed during the June Crash-A-Rama.

Racing will return to the Holland Highbanks on Saturday July 9 as the Race of Champions Modified Tour will be competing in a 100 lap feature event. Joining the RoC Modifieds will be the Chargers, NYPA TQ Midgets and the Hornets. Pit gates will open at 2:30pm while grandstands open at 4:30pm with qualifying getting underway at 5:00pm sharp and feature racing immediately following qualifying.

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GETZONI NATIONWIDE INSURANCE NASCAR PRO CHARGERS FEATURE: ZACH MYERS (Started 10th), Jim Mallaber (1), Tim Welshans (9), Nik Welshans (8), Josh Hathaway (4), Ted Welshans (12), Max Northem (5), Dave Vona (7), Matt Fleming (3), Chris Handley (2), Rich Carnes (6), Tom Northem (11), Did Not Start: Jerry Kosmowski
Qualifying Winners: Jim Mallaber, Josh Hathaway

COUNTRY 89 CANADIAN OUTLAW MIDGETS: JODY BOUND (Started 12th), Dave Bradley (7), Steve Lassman (15), Adam Carrothers (13), Wayne Mckibbon (1), Adam Tyo (16), Owen Elliott (6), Jessica James (4), Richard Woodland (10), Nigel Buttivant (2),Shawn Gardener (14), Brian Woodland (11), Robin McLean (18), Zac Milliman (19), Rob McCall (5), Paul Draganac (8), Larry Lawson (3), James Rodgers (9), Kevin Spiesz (17)
Qualifying Winners: Jody Bound, Brian Woodland

BANK OF HOLLAND HORNETS: BEN RUSSO (Started 6th), Josh Hill (15), Bob Bogner (13), George Anthony (14), Jeff Szafraniec (16), Jason Adams (9), Marty Hughes (17), Kenny Hejna (1), Dan Sharf (7), Nikki Maltby (5), Butcher Palmer (4), Don Haskell (10), Adam Killingbeck (3), Bob Palmer (12), Ryan Palmer (8), Kathie Ricketson (11), Disqualified: Craig Orr (2)
Qualifying Winners: Ben Russo, Jeff Szafraniec

NYPA TQ MIDGETS: DAVE WOLLABER (Started 9th), Kyle Hutchinson (2), Shawn Nye (6), Andrew Nye (8), Vinnie Christiano Jr (4), AJ Hessler (7), Erik Musto (5), Chad Heywood (3), Kent Turnbull (10), Jody Bound (19), Sean McNamara (11), Ronnie Flaim (13), Charlie DiRosa (1), Greg Richardson (14), Scott Gleed (15), Gordie Steffan (18), Vinnie Christiano III (16), Chuck Kowalske (17), Andy Patton (12)
Qualifying Winners: Shawn Nye, Charlie DiRosa

ADVANCE AUTO PARTS INEX LEGENDS: CARL VILARDO IV (Started 4th), Brandon DeBrakeleer (3), Mick Peterson (1), Anthony Riforgiato (5), Brad Salatino (6), Josh Marchese (7), Josh Stark (8), Bryce Norton (2), Michael Riforgiato (10), Terry Lindstrom (9)
Qualifying Winners: Carl Vilardo IV, Brad Salatino

M&M U PULL-IT FIGURE 8’s: JAMES STEINS (Started 1st), Sharon Hughes (3), Don Haskell (4), Scott Chaplin (5), Dan Sharf (2)

ROOKIE 4’s: DALE LOMBARDO (Started 1st), Scott Chaplin (2), Darryl Phillips (4), Anton Anderson III (3) Did Not Start: Tyler Pastorious, Brian Erler
Qualifying Winner: Dale Lombardo