Matt Haufe Score Ontario Legends Series Victory at Sunset Speedway

Photo Credit: Ashley McCubbin

In dominating fashion, Matt Haufe was victorious on Saturday night at Sunset Speedway, as he won the Ontario Legends Series feature.

Nick Ledson won the first heat ahead of Dave Riopelle, Cole Ledson, Terry McCelland, Brad Haufe, Jamie McArthur, Matt Griffin, Bailey Brown, Andrew McFadden, Rob McCall, Jeff Drimmie and Rick Eades.

The second heat saw Parker Traves run into mechanical problems on Lap 7. Matt Haufe won the heat ahead of Robin Jongen, Mike Gettliffe, Cole McFadden, Jamie Riberdy, Bill Mason, the 2, Don Arnott, John Demaria and the 39.

The third heat saw a multitude of issues, as Griffin stalled early, while Brown spun on lap one. Then McCall ran into issues, getting outside of shape on Lap 3. Nick Ledson went for the daily double ahead of Riopelle, Cole Ledson, McCelland, Brad Haufe, McArthur, Brown, Drimmie, Eades and McCall.

The fourth saw Riberdy spin in turn two, while Jongen spun off of turn four. Matt Haufe went for the daily double ahead of Riberdy, Jongen, Gettlife, the 2, Mason, Arnott, Demaria and the 39.

Come feature time, it’d be Cole Ledson starting pole ahead of Matt Haufe, Cole McFadden, Jamie Riberdy, Mike Getliffe, Terry McCelland, Brad Haufe, Jamie McArthur, Bill Mason, the 2, Bailey Brown, Don Arnott, the 85, the 86, the 38, Rick Eades, Matt Griffin, Robin Jongen, Dave Riopelle, Andrew McFadden and Nick Ledson.

Matt Haufe grabbed the lead off the green flag while Cole McFadden ran second ahead of Riberdy, Cole McFadden, Gettliffe and Foisy. Jamie McArthur put himself seventh on Lap 3 ahead of the 2 and Brad Haufe while Mason and Nick Ledson ran side-by-side for 10th. Ledson got the spot on Lap 5, followed by a pass on Haufe to move up to ninth.

The 2 then made his move, getting alongside McArthur for seventh at Lap 6. He was unable to complete the pass, but rather slipped back to ninth after being passed by Nick Ledson. Ledson continued his climb, getting alongside McArthur for seventh at Lap 7, and completing the pass a lap later.

The 2 then got back alongside McArthur at Lap 9, as Ledson got alongside McCelland for sixth at Lap 10. Ledson completed the pass a lap later, while the 2 cleared McArthur to move up to eighth. Riopelle then moved into ninth at Lap 12 ahead of McArthur, Brad Haufe and Mason as Jongen and Brown ran side-by-side for 13th.

At the front of the field, Cole Ledson tracked down Matt Haufe for the lead and got alongside him at Lap 14, though fell back in line a lap later as they weaved through lap traffic. Meanwhile, Riopelle moved into eighth by the No. 2 at Lap 15, while Nick Ledson passed Gettliffe for fifth at Lap 16. Ledson’s climb continued with a pass on Cole McFadden for fourth at Lap 18. Ledson then got alongside Riberdy for third at Lap 20, completing the pass two laps later.

At the front of the field, it was Matt Haufe as he picked up the win ahead of Cole Ledson, Nick Ledson, Jamie Riberdy, Cole McFadden, Mike Gettliffe, Terry McCelland, Dave Riopelle, the 2, Robin Jongen, Jamie McArthur, Bill Mason, Bailey Brown and Brad Haufe.

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