Will Power Runner-Up in Honda Indy 200 with Eye on Astro Cup

Photo Credit: Carrie Ellis

So close, but yet so far from where he would’ve preferred to be on Sunday.   

Will Power, driver of the No. 12 Verizon Chevrolet, finished in the runner-up position at the Honda Indy 200 at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course, currently placing him second in the Championship Standings, 58 points behind teammate Simon Pagenaud.    

The Australian driver started the race behind Pagenaud as well and kept himself up front, running third with 10 laps to go. He was able to pick up a spot before the checkered flag, though, as race leader Conor Daly had to come in to pit for gas. so Therefore Pagenaud inherited the lead and Power moved into second place. 

“Yeah, it really didn’t start until that first restart,” Power said.   “You know, the key was to get a couple saves for fuel, enough to go longer than Pagenaud jumping, which he did; pumped out some really quick laps.  Then the set of Reds we put on were ones we really liked in qualify, kind of struggled at the end of that stint. But then went yellow obviously and we had that restart and I just blew — I should have done a much better job on that restart. I kick myself for not being on top of it more. It’s a situation of trying to defend and getting in marbles and eventually getting passed.”

The Toowoomba, Australia native said the race was tough because they don’t have power steering like Formula 1 does and the steering gets heavier as rubber builds up on the track, and the tires wear out. He also states that he wishes IndyCar had smoother tracks as well.

“We have heavier cars with more downforce, and we don’t have power steering, so it is like — it is unbelievable at the moment,” Power said.  “I couldn’t imagine if they continued aero development into next year, I don’t think we could possibly steer this thing.”

Because his teammate and points leader won the race the 2012 IndyCar Champion didn’t really make to much of a gain in the point standings, however he closed the gap a little and is still in the hunt for the Astro Cup.

“Yeah, it’s right there. Still quite a gap,” Power added.  “But you know, it would have been nice to go ten points the other way.  So yeah, it’s still — yeah, it’s obviously four races. He’s consistent. It’s going to be tough from here out but absolutely possible.”