Bryan Clauson airlifted to Hospital after Bellville Wreck

Photo Credit: Dana Garrett/IndyCar

Bryan Clauson, was racing in the 39th, Belleville Nationals a Midget race held in Wichita, Kansas, was airlifted to the hospital after a horrific crash.

The three-time Indy 500 starter started the race in the ninth position, had just taken the lead from fellow competitor Chad Boat, staring to pull away until he came upon lapped traffic. The Noblesville, Indiana native ended up getting put into the fence by one of the lapped cars which led to a few rolls before landing on the side of the car, then he was struck in the cockpit area by another car traveling at a high speed.

Rescue workers worked hard to removed Clauson, taking them 20 minutes to get him out of the car and into the ambulance.

There are no other details available currently.

The American driver was also involved in another horrific crash on Friday night in the preliminary race to which he walked away from unscathed and tweeted his thanks and praises to Simpson Racing as well as Spike Chassis.

He had just won his 27th feature this season on Wednesday night in Beloit, Kansas and was hoping to win at Belleville and become a four-time winner at the track. This was his 116th start of the season, he was attempting to make 200 starts in both midget as well as sprints.