Eric Yorke Returns to Victory Lane at Sunset Speedway

Photo Credit: Ashley McCubbin

After suffering a wreck and a couple issues through the past month, Eric Yorke was able to put everything together perfectly, scoring the feature victory on Saturday night at Sunset Speedway.

The night didn’t start off well for everyone as Steeve Melson pulled off with a problem on Lap 3 of the first heat. Brandon Crumbie picked up the win ahead of Nic Montanari, Chris Allard, Cory Young and Warren Paxton. Samantha Shaw finished sixth, followed by Ken Townsend and Stefan Woyslaw.

The second heat saw a quick caution as Mike Robinson Jr. went for a spin in turn two on Lap 9. Andy Kamrath picked up the win ahead of Gerritt Tiemersma, Terry Woodley, Thomas Dunn and Jake Watson. Eric Yorke finished sixth, followed by Dave Crumbie, Cameron McGlashan, Robinson Jr. and JP Rosevaar.

Andy Kamrath went for the daily double, winning the Dash for Cash ahead of Tiemersma, Brandon Crumbie, Montanari, Paxton, Young, Allard, Watson, Woodley, Shaw, Dunn and Yorke.

Come feature time, it’d be Eric Yorke starting pole ahead of Samantha Shaw, Dave Crumbie, Cory Young, Terry Woodley, Warren Paxton, Nic Montanari, Cameron McGlashan, Stefan Woyslaw and Chris Allard.

Off the drop of the green flag, Yorke pulled out to the early lead behind the wheel of his No. 51 Can-Alignment Motorsports, Milton Napa Auto Parts, J&D Tire, Solex Steel, McKeown Collision, Partimer Signs, Ancaster Embroidery, Country Girl Designs, Cabral Racing Promotions and Skytec Rentals Nissan 240SX ahead of Shaw as Young and Crumbie battled for third. Crumbie got the spot on Lap 2, with Woodley and Montanari following him through a lap later. Allard then made his way by Young at Lap 4 to move into the sixth spot.

Further up the field, the shuffle continued with Woodley getting alongside Crumbie for third at Lap 5. Woodley made the pass, bringing Allard through with him before the caution flew for Mike Robinson Jr. spinning Gerritt Tiemersma in turn four.

With 19 laps to go, Yorke led Shaw, Woodley, Allard, Crumbie, Paxton, Montanari, Andy Kamrath, Brandon Crumbie, McGlashan, JP Rosevaar, Young, Jake Watson, Thomas Dunn, Ken Townsend, Woyslaw, Robinson Jr. and Tiemersma.

Yorke got a good restart to keep the lead ahead of Allard as Paxton moved into third ahead of Kamrath and Woodley. Paxton then got alongside Allard for second at Lap 10, completing the pass a lap later while bringing Kamrath through with him. Allard now ran fourth ahead of Woodley, Shaw and Brandon Crumbie as Young made his way down pit road.

There were battles through the field as Woodley got alongside Allard for fourth at Lap 14, while Crumbie got alongside Shaw for sixth. Woodley got the spot a lap later, with Crumbie getting alongside Allard for fifth as McGlashan got real sideway further back in the field, but managed to save it and keep going. Crumbie took the fifth spot at Lap 17 ahead of Allard, as Shaw continued to run seventh.

Crumbie looked to continue his climb, getting alongside Woodley for fourth at Lap 18, as Shaw got alongside Allard for sixth. Shaw got the spot a lap later, with Robinson Jr. getting alongside Allard next. The second caution then flew at Lap 20 as Rosevaar went around in turn two. With five laps to go, Yorke led Paxton, Kamrath, Crumbie, Woodley, Allard, Shaw, Robinson Jr., McGlashan, Montanari, Tiemersma, Watson, Dave Crumbie, Townsend and Dunn.

Yorke got a good restart to keep the lead as Paxton and Kamrath battled for second ahead of Brandon Crumbie. Behind him, it was Allard and Woodley once again side-by-side, battling for fifth. Allard got the spot on Lap 22, with Shaw getting alongside Woodley for sixth.

Eric Yorke led the rest of the way to score the victory, just over a half-second ahead of Andy Kamrath, Warren Paxton, Brandon Crumbie and Samantha Shaw. Chris Allard finished sixth, followed by Terry Woodley, Cameron McGlashan, Nic Montanari and Jake Watson.

Dave Crumbie finished 11th, followed by Thomas Dunn, J.P. Rosevaar, Stefan Woyslaw, Mike Robinson Jr. and Gerritt Tiemersma. Both Robinson Jr. and Tiemersma were running in the top-10, however contact on the last lap which resulted in Tiemersma going for a second spin resulted in both drivers being placed at the tail end of the lead lap.

Ken Townsend finished 17th, followed by Steeve Melson and Cory Young.

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